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Gel Nail is your local Canadian online shop for gel nail dryers and accessories. Soft gel nail polish does not cure fast like traditional nail polish and a nail dryer is needed in-between coats to create proper "gel nails". They are popular as they produce the most natural looking nail extension with a freshly-manicured look. Gel nails do not have the strong fume smell as acrylic nails, and they are easier to remove when a change is needed.

Whether you're a professional nail artist or want to do-it-yourself, the nail dryers you'll find here will help you dry your gel nail polish quickly and flawlessly. All items can be purchased worldwide; free shipping is available for all products in Canada.

UV Gel Nail Dryer

The UV Gel Nail Dryer is the go-to device for curing your uv nail or shellac products quickly and professionally. This nail dryer packs 4 separate 9 watt UV (ultraviolet) fluorescent lamps, two along the top and one on each side. There's a removable reflective tray on the bottom that makes lamp replacement a breeze. The red button is a 3 minute timer that will shut of the dryer when times up.
  • Cures UV gel, UV top coat, UV builder, etc
  • 120 Second (3 min) cure timer
  • Four 9W ultraviolet lamps
  • Lamps are replaceable
  • Comes with wall adapter
  • Voltage: 110~220V
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gel nail dryer uv white

UV/LED Gel Nail Dryer

The UV/LED Gel Nail Dryer is a versatile dryer with edgy design and dynamic curing capabilities. You can cure most nail polish coats and builders, including UV, LED and Shellac. This nail dryer uses one 12W UV coil lamp and six super bright 4W LED's. Choose between three cure timers: 10, 30 and 60 seconds. Dryer will turn off once timers are up.
  • Cure LED, UV and Shellac gel nail products
  • 10, 30, 60 second cure timers
  • LED's lifespan up to 50,000 hrs.
  • UV Lamp is replaceable
  • Comes with wall adapter
  • Voltage: 110~240V
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gel nail dryer uv led black

LED Digital Nail Dryer

The LED Digital Nail Dryer is the ultimate nail drying machine capable of curing everything a UV nail dryer can and more. Cure all nail polish coats and builders, including UV, LED, Shellac, OPI, etc. This nail dryer uses fifteen special infrared induction 1.6W LED's that also emit ultraviolet light. Powered with wall adapter or off a USB port with USB cable.
  • Cure LED, UV and Shellac gel nail products
  • Digital display shows curing time
  • LED's lifespan up to 50,000 hrs.
  • SMT Infrared induction LED's
  • Wall adapter, USB cable included
  • Power: 100~240V, 1A
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gel nail dryer led digital
smart gel led uv nail dryer

Nail Art Brush Set

The Nail Art Brush Set gives you 15 nail polish brushes to let your creative. In this set you'll find fan brushes, angled brushes, flat brushes, liner brushes, dotting brushes and small brushes for finer detail. These brushes can be used with any type of liquid nail polish as long as you thoroughly clean them after use. Start having fun today and create unique nails with nail art brushes.
  • Great for natural, false, acrylic, gel nails
  • Create professional looking nails
  • Works great with all liquid polishes
  • Comes with 15 brushes in set
  • Re-use after a good wash
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gel acrylic nail art brush set

Nail Stripe Brush Set

The Nail Stripe Brush Set is the perfect bundle of nail art tools for producing straight lines on your nails. These make creating stripes or straight line so easy that you'll wonder how you got by without them. Each brush has a different length so you can get really accurate with your lines. The brushes are color coded, preventing any confusion when in the act of painting.
  • Helps to easily create straight lines
  • Ideal for solid lines or stripes
  • Works with most liquid polishes
  • Comes with 3 different lengths
  • Re-use after a good wash
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nail art stripe straight line brushes
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